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Our Collections - Shoes

Uniquely Yours have posted a few looks form each line. Please feel free to view the full designer's lines by click on their site links.

Benjamin Walk Site

New 2014 Line

Benjamin Walk offer high quality and beautiful shoes.

Shoes By Coloriffics Site

Coloriffics love the look of a high heel, the stature of a platform, the sparkles, the rhinestones, the lace and whenever possible the glitter! They love designing shoes and watching a new style come to life.

De Blossom Site

We strive to take formal shoes and accessories to the next level with cutting edge designs and innovative details. We are devoted to empowering women everywhere to exude confidence through glamour and femininity.

Helen's Heart Site

Helen's Heart been hard at work creating new designs of unparalleled quality and beauty. Producing formal jewelry line featuring the finest in Swarovski crystal as well as some of their new Signature shoe line.

Johnathan Kayne
Johnathan Kayne Site

Johnathan Kayne are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of fashion by producing fresh, unique, and stunning designs.

Sweetie's Shoe Collection Site

Sweetie’s Shoe Collections have made it their mission to bring comfort and glamor to the world of shoe fashion.

Your Party Shoes Site

YOUR PARTY SHOES! Featuring proven and exciting fashion-forward styling. Our customers are raving over their success marketing Your Party Shoes. You can expect to experience high re-order percentages and excellent profitability with our aggressive pricing structure and inventory support.